Project Details

PackMojo makes it easy for businesses to get accessible, affordable and high quality custom packaging, through a one stop packaging solution.

QSSTUDIO has performed a variety of work to enhance PackMojo's offerings for their customers.

We have upgraded their online platform with various improvements:

  • Building extra flows for their packaging ordering application
  • Improved backend via a database migration to a managed database and other improvements
  • Offered advice on best practices for infrastructure, security and design

You can read more about our work with PackMojo on Medium: QSSTUDIO Startup Client Chats: PackMojo

Project Type

Web Application (AngularJS)



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QSSTUDIO and Robin have been extremely helpful in advising us on everything from architecture to UI/UX, as well as ongoing maintenance and how to future proof our tech. For non-developers like ourselves who don’t have this knowledge, it was extremely valuable to work with them and have them consult us on the best approach.

Wendy Chan - Co-Founder and CEO, PackMojo