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askbella: Skinalyser

AI powered skincare

QSSTUDIO has been the trusted technology partner for askbella since it was founded.


The skincare industry is no doubt saturated, with products spanning multitudes of brands and product types. This then creates an information overload, which is difficult to navigate. On top of this, sponsorships and promotions blur the line between advice and advertising. How can we guide people to use skincare in the best way?

askbella was founded in 2020 with an aim of creating an unbiased tool. The Skinalyser was born to achieve this goal.

askbella Skinalyser - The answers are in your skin

First Iteration

As an early MVP, QSSTUDIO helped develop an askbella Chatbot, which operated within Facebook Messenger and was backed by Amazon Lex. An 8 question format allowed us to determine a user's skin type, which then guided us towards product recommendations.

Interest in the product was huge, with over 600 users having used this interface. However, we knew of its limitations as skincare choices are riddled with nuances - such as allergies, a person's specific skin goals and their existing routine.

askbella's first iteration as a chatbot and product recommendation platform


After receiving results of askbella's research, we decided to improve Skinalyser to account for additional variables. Skinalyser became a web platform, backed by a more powerful AI engine which could personalise recommendations to a higher degree.

askbella's evolution as a powerful AI engine for personalised skincare recommendations
“Robin and QSSTUDIO did an absolutely incredible job! Their talent and experience in both tech development and startup proved immensely valuable for our business.

They helped me translate an innovative idea into a beautifully rendered and user-friendly tech product. Very grateful to the team for all the hard work they put into askbella. I wouldn't hesitate to work with the team again on future projects!”

Elaine Yang - Founder, askbella

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